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May 23th 2018
allhotel.it aims to provide information about Italian hotels, the most complete and useful possible. The consultation of the guide is free and is governed by the following conditions:
(1) All information published may be used only for consultation. Is forbidden make copy of the information, even partial, of any part of this site, including photos, images, icons etc, for any use that does not refer directly to allhotel.it
(2) In order to publish accurate and updated information, allhotel.it periodically requires to the management of properties to control and update it. Given the significant amount of information published (over 27,000 hotels), and given the speed of changes, it is impossible to ensure complete control of the information published. Is under responsibility of customers directly contact the management of the properties to check for any errors or changes. allhotel.it can not in any way be held responsible for wrong information.
(3) allhotel.it has no relation with the management of the properties, or with external sites. There is no guarantee that emails sent via the request form are read by the properties management. It is recommended that, before paying any deposit, to ensure that the service offered by the hotel corresponds to what is expected.

Do not use allhotel.it to send advertising and job request to the hotels.
(4) Privacy information: ALLhotel.it does not deal with and does not retain any personal information, nor data that may fall within those that the European Regulation on the protection of personal data (EU Regulation 2016/679) indicates as "sensitive".

All data shown are those provided by the operators and / or public information already visible in guides / brochures / websites etc. . , all strictly official.

All the pictures published are those provided by the operators or show a preview images of the site of the structure. The intellectual property on the pictures is the rightful owner.

Is not shown the e-mail address of the structures in order to avoid that users do not respect the rules of Netiquettes, can collect its to practice spamming.

6) At any time, allhotel.it reserves to make changes to these Terms and Conditions whith public notices on allhotel.it
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